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MPS Technology Department

The MPS Technology Department provides management and support for a vast IT infrastructure serving more than 3,000 students and nearly 450 staff members across 16 district sites.

The district uses a wide variety of technology to enhance our curriculum and increase student engagement. Every classroom has a BenQ Interactive Display, a dedicated network access point, and various other technologies to create an interactive, audio-visual learning experience. 


  • Over 200 BenQ Interactive Displays
  • Over 800 Computers and Laptops
  • Over 600 iPads
  • Over 4,800 Chromebooks
  • Over 600 phones and intercom speakers
  • Over 300 Network Access Points
  • And many, many more miscelaneous devices


We live in an exciting time for technology and education. The MPS Technology Department is proude to have completed the following initatives to improve the transform the learning experience of our students:

  • 1:1 Device (one-to-one): We are proud to be able to provide every student enrolled at MPS a digital learning device. All students grades PK3-1st Grade have an iPad assigned for use in the classroom and at school. Students 1st grade – 4th grade are assigned their own Chromebooks, and store them in carts in their classrooms. Students in 5th grade and above receive their own chromebook, and a protective case. These students are expected to take their Chromebook home each day to complete assignments and homework as assigned. They receive a new device at the beginning of their 5th grade and 9th grade year.

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