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Special Education Transfer Procedures

Special Education Transfer Procedures


Section 13-103 and its implementing rule establish the following process for transfers of students with disabilities:

  • Before approving the transfer, the receiving district shall establish the availability of the appropriate program, staff, and services for each student. To do this the district will need: 
    • Student Information Section of the Special Education Transfer Application  completed which can be found online or at Central Office
    • A copy of the most current  Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Multidisciplinary Evaluation and Eligibility Group Summary (MEEGS) 
      • The parent can provide a copy or the district will request a copy from the resident district. 
    • The receiving district must  consult with the child’s parents to determine how FAPE will be provided to the child
    • A joint IEP conference shall be required between the district of residence and the receiving district
      • A joint IEP conference can be a telephone conversation between one or more staff members from each district


If the transfer is approved, the receiving district shall provide services comparable to those described in the IEP until it adopts the IEP from the resident district or develops, adopts, and implements a new IDEA-compliant IEP. 


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