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Welcome to Indian Education!

The JOM and Title VI programs are designed to assist Native American students by supporting access to programs that meet their unique educational and culturally related academic needs.


Johnson O’Malley Program (JOM) 

Johnson O’Malley is a federally funded program through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Indian Education in Washington D.C.  The JOM department of the Choctaw Nation provides McAlester’s Indian Education Program  the operational support for this program.  Funds provide academic tutoring, counseling, student field trips, and cultural activities.  To be eligible for services under JOM, you must submit a copy of your child's Certified Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) Card, or tribal membership card/letter. Eligibility does not consider income level.   


  • Tutoring before, during and after school
  • College and Career Assistance
  • A two week Summer Enrichment
  • Fee paid for ACT test
  • Academic/Cultural presentation, resources and Trips
  • School Supplies
  • Cap, Gown and Tassel 
  • Native American Outdoor Classroom
  • Assistance with Tribal Benefits

Title VI Program

Title VI is a federally funded program through the Department of Education operating within the Office of Indian Education in Washington, D.C.   Funds go directly to local programs to meet academic, social, and cultural needs, as well as college and career planning. All students of Native American descent are eligible to participate. Student's tribal affiliation must be recognized by the federal government.   Eligibility does not consider income level.   Procedures for enrolling your school-age child as a member of the program begins with the completion of a Title VI Student Eligibility Certification Form (506), which may be obtained at the Indian Education Office at the high school or any McAlester school Office. 


Meet our Team

An image of Ashley Gragg

Ashley Gragg

Indian Education Director
An image of Jax Franklin

Jax Franklin

Native American History Teacher
An image of Chewelah Fry

Chewelah Fry

Cultural Advisor Academic mentor
An image of Sheila Cochran

Sheila Cochran

Indian Education Academic and cultural tutor
An image of Alexis Futischa

Alexis Futischa

Indian Education Academic and cultural tutor

Enrollment Process & Forms

Title VI programs and services are available to all Native American Students with a Title VI Indian Student Eligibility Certification Form (ED 506 Form) on file. Completing this form provides students and families access to academic learning supports, higher education support and cultural enrichment opportunities.

 A "Completed" ED 506 Form must include:

  • Parent/Guardian signature and date.

  • Tribal membership verification from a grandparent, parent or student. Tribal verification consists of a Tribal card or Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) belonging to the student, parent or grandparent.

  • You will need to complete a separate ED 506 Form for each eligible child.

Once received, you will receive a response confirming it was received.  Students will remain Title VI Eligible until they graduate or are no longer enrolled in BPS. You will not need to repeat this process every year. However, you are welcome to contact our office at any time to verify enrollment.

Step One: Fill Out the ED 506 Form Below



Step Two: Download & Save with Changes


Step Three: Submit Via Email with Other Required Documents

Please attach ALL of the following:

  • Completed ED 506 Form (PDF format).

  • Front and Back photo of Tribal membership card or CDIB belonging to a Grandparent, Parent or Student.

  • No photo of the back of the card is required if the back is blank.


Submit Via Email To:

Indian Education Program