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Gifted and Talented

McAlester Public Schools is committed to providing opportunities that promote the growth of skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for all students to reach their full potential.  The mission of McAlester Public Schools’ Gifted and Talented Program is to develop and challenge students with exceptional aptitude in one or more academic or sensory-motor domains.  The district’s Gifted and Talented Program is focused on identifying these students who demonstrate high potential and providing opportunities that develop cognitive and creative talents in them though site-developed program plans.

“Gifted education” is an inclusive term that represents the wide range of special instructional programs, honors and advanced placement classes, supportive services, unique educational materials, learning settings and other educational services which differentiate, supplement and support the regular program in meeting the needs of the gifted child.  Gifted students of McAlester Public Schools are served through classroom enrichment, after school activities, visual and performing arts, and a variety of Pre-AP and AP classes.

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