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Visual Art: Secondary

Welcome to Secondary Visual Art!


An image of Kat Legrand

Kat Legrand

Randy Hughes Middle School
An image of Melissa Benjamin

Melissa Benjamin

McAlester High School
An image of Brandy Jeffreys

Brandy Jeffreys

McAlester High School

At McAlester Public Schools, we offer a variety of visual art classes that consist of:

Art 1:

This is a basic entry level visual art class that is 2 semesters long. Elements of Art are pursued through art making, art history, art criticism, and art reflection. Students do not need to have any visual arts experience to be successful in this class. Fulfills the Fine Art credit for graduation.


Art 2:

This is the second level course offered after Art 1 and includes more in depth art making, art history, art criticism and art reflection. The concepts in this class focus on continuing the Elements of Art and learning the principles of design. Prerequisite: Art 1.



This course is a 2 semester class that focused on the basics of drawing, in various media offered and outside work in a sketchbook. Skills will be built using still lifes, portraits, value and mark making and realistic drawing. This class fulfills the requirements for the Fine Art credit for graduation.



This 2 semester course focuses on three dimensional artwork using a wide variety of materials. Exploration in art history, art criticism, art making and personal expression is used to create small, large and group sculptures in class. All materials are provided and fulfills the requirement of the Fine Arts credit for graduation.



This 2 semester course uses basic skills in drawing and composition to create a wide range of artwork using paint mediums. Tempera, acrylic, and oils are all used during the course of the class. Drawing skills and experience in painting media is recommended but not required. This class fulfills the requirements for graduation with a Fine Art credit.


Advanced Art/Portfolio:

This class is the highest level art class that is offered at MHS. This class is for the highly motivated and skilled student wishing to build a portfolio for college entry in Art and other pursuits in the professional world. Prerequisites are at least 2 previous visual art classes at MHS or the equivalent from another district.